Check out my high score!

Check out this beautiful collection of peanut butter birthday cookies. What a great idea for a design. It took us about a week, help from lots of friends, and several power pellets to get all this chomped. A special thank you to my lovely wife for hand making the Pac-Man brithday card and for knowing just what I like. 🙂 Available at Paradise Bakery.

Mommy, do we have to spend the night at Grandma’s?

This is a quick tribute to an unknown woman and her large doll collection. Special thanks to Luvis and Molly for rescuing these from an abandoned house and for sharing them with us all. Admittedly these photos are kinda creepy and obviously dolls aren’t my thing but I am glad someone took the time to set up her collection and take a picture. Thanks Crazy Doll Lady wherever you are!

More than just lipstick and a bow!

waka waka
Here is another amazing rescue! It’s the Ms. Pac-man Board game from Milton Bradley. As a child I had the Pac-man board game which we played all the time. I had heard of a few other video to board conversions like Donkey Kong and I even recently sold a Pitfall remake. Discovering this little gem was very unexpected. Even better it is 100% complete. Since I often dream of really cool finds (sometimes things that don’t even exist) I had to make sure I was awake even after I had this in my hand. Here are a few pictures of the game itself along with some updated photos of my Pac-Man collection. Special thanks to Lex for taking these shots.

TI 99/4A? Do you know R2D2?

Nice little home computer from Texas Instruments. I was more of a Commodore 64 guy so I am sending this awesome piece of retro to a new home. I did play all of these games and they were as fun as other systems from that time. _________________________________________

Retro Rescued: Pac-Man Ball Darts!

Look at what I found this afternoon. It’s called Pac-Man Ball Darts but that doesn’t mean we will be throwing sharp objects at each other inappropriately. Sorry. The game looks really fun. You basically toss the Velcro balls at the target and try to land in the larger point areas of the maze. It came with the original instruction sheet too! This is just the kind of thing I like to collect. I can’t wait to hang it on the wall.

I was in a laundry mat/tanning salon yesterday and I spied a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the corner. I dropped in my 2 quarters and for a few fantastic minutes I was transported back to an arcade 25+ years ago. Wizzing around the mazes was just as satisfying as it ever had been. Trying to impress my friend I repeatedly chomped all 4 ghosts with the power pellets picking up the coveted 1600 points. I completed the first 3 mazes and I had forgotten there was 4th! Despite my best efforts I couldn’t reach the high score which was 119,000 but I came in at a respectable 106,000. I told the two 20 something attendants that I would return soon to conquer the machine. They smiled and laughed but something tells me they just don’t understand Pac-Man fever.

More pics