Help! I need a new Welcome page.

I need an idea for a new “welcome to my site” screen for the main page of Please throw out ideas or email me something. Should I use a collage or just one cool image. Some kind of original artwork? I was thinking about the flux capacitor but I am very open to any retro concepts.

Amazing High-Res GigaPixel Image!

This is a crowd before a riot in Vancouver, Canada. Put your cursor anywhere in the crowd and double-click a couple of times and then use the scroll button in the center of your mouse. You can zero in on one single face. The clarity is unbelievable.
Here is a “Where’s Waldo?” type item.  Let me know if you can find this person in the photograph.  Yes, he really is there.
Sombrero & Mask

Email your favorite fans in the crowd.


Today, I discovered an amazing free tool. It’s called Zamzar. They do free online Media file
conversions. Many formats supported. I had a wav converted to mp3 in a matter of minutes. You
upload your file to their server, tell them what format you want it converted to and they email
you a link to the resulting file. They do have a pay option which keeps the file online for a
long time. The free version deletes it from their server after a short time. Worked perfectly
for me.