Ultima Underworld PocketPC Poster!

Underworld PosterI thought you might enjoy seeing this great poster. It’s approximately 44″ wide and 39″ tall. I assume it was used at trade shows for the PocketPC version. It’s printed on heavy gauge material and it has a velcro edge on the back.

Quote from the Ultima Underworld Wikipedia Page:

“In the early 2000s, Paul Neurath approached EA to discuss a port of Ultima Underworld to the Pocket PC. EA rejected the suggestion, but allowed him to look for possible developers; Neurath found that ZIO Interactive enthusiastically supported the idea, and EA eventually licensed the rights to the company. Doug Church and Floodgate Entertainment assisted with portions of its Pocket PC development, and the port was released in 2002.”

It is interesting how EA used the opportunity to promote Ultima Online. That was another great game.

Ultima Underworld III? Underworld Ascendant on Kickstarter


The original Ultima Underworld is still one of my all time favorite games. Underworld Ascendant is being produced by the same folks that made the first 2 games. They are also the genius behind other amazing titles such as Thief and Thief II (which I just completed). While the Ultima name will not be used it is definitely being marketed as the 3rd game in that series. They have already raised enough money that the game will be built. Any new contributions at this point will only make the game better.

I couldn’t be more excited for this newest installment in the series and I have already made my pledge. With less than 3 days left I hope you will too! Here is a preview video they put together:

More information at: