You Build… CONSTRUX!


I just got this Construx Super Set and with some loose pieces I had it is nearly complete! Special thanks to Tricia and her Brother. I will keep this forever. I remember having these as a child and they were as fun to put together as LEGOs! I did not have the power pack shown in the commercial below but all the rest of the pieces are familiar. Anyone else remember these?


2 thoughts on “You Build… CONSTRUX!

  1. Construx was my favorite toy… every Birthday and Christmas for several years… all I wanted was more. I’d save up my allowance and do extra chores to buy my own Construx. My parents asked if I was getting tired of Construx… and here I am, 30 years later, and I’m still not tired of them! It’s sad that lesser toys have endured.

    • Thanks for commenting Drew! Funny you make this statement. I just bought 3 more huge boxes of Construx and have been putting sets together for a couple of days so I guess I’m not tired of them yet either. The best thing about these toys for me was you could build them and then actually play with your creation without them falling apart. They worked as the ultimate GI Joe and Star Wars buildings and ships.

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