What are these cars?

2 Hot Wheels sized cars that look like they came from the Road Warrior movie. They have spikes and skulls and interchangeable weapons. Mattel 1994 on the bottom but no other markings. I would greatly appreciate it if you can help me figure out what these are.
Update: A visitor to the site let me know they are from a series of toys called “Hot Wheels Road Wars”. Below are a couple of pictures.


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  1. Hello
    I was a free lance designer/inventor of toys and games 1982-2008. I was working in association with David Wyman ( Granta Design) when I conceived and developed the “Road Wars” and “Road Maniax” products. They sold well for about 8 months then Mattell developed the “Liberty Base”. America hated it and returned the cars to the toy stores. Mattell dropped the concept world wide.

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