Ultima V Lazarus Maps of Townes, Villages & More.

These maps are not intended to reveal too many game secrets. They are mostly just to help aid in finding characters and locations. I spent quite a bit of time putting these together and while they are not perfect I am quite proud of the results. I hope you find these useful in your travels. Let me know if you see anything that needs updating or correcting.

They have more great maps at http://ultima.wikia.com/wiki/Ultima_V:_Lazarus_Maps. I used 3 maps of Britain, Britannys, and Skara Brae found there as a starting point. Thank you to the creator of those original maps.

T1 BritainT2 JhelomT3 MinocT4 MoonglowT5 New MaginciaT6 Skara BraeT7 TrinsicT8 Yew
V1 BrittanysV2 Buccaneers DenV3 CoveV4 Paws

World Map with Spoilers-Open at your own risk & Sky Chart of the Moons!
WorldMap FinalMoons Map

I just completed Ultima V Lazarus and you should too!


Ultima V Lazarus by Team Lazarus is a 2005-2006 remake of the classic game Ultima V Warriors of Destiny from 1988. The game was created as a Siegelet MOD for the game Dungeon Siege, released in 2002 by Gas Powered Games.

What an incredible adventure Lazarus is! I highly recommend this title to fans of Ultima or anyone looking for a great story. I’ve spent more time with this game over the last two months than with any other modern RPG. The world map is breathtakingly large. It took me two real-world weeks to finally get a handle on some prominent locations. Once I became adjusted to navigating the map I started meeting a few characters. Then a few dozen more. Eventually I filled an entire hand written notebook with all the people, their stories and or quests. The lack of an in-game Journal is arguably the most difficult part of the game. While at first I was skeptical of keeping my own notes, in the end I feel it helped me get drawn into the story further and made me enjoy the game even more. I also created maps of all the townes and villages by combining 100s of screenshots with Paint. In fact I took 642 screenshots (2.58GB) and saved my game over 2800 times (26GB).

I have never played the original Ultima V Warriors of Destiny so I have no frame of reference to make a comparison. However, Lazarus did bring back great memories of Ultima VII on my 486DX 33mhz. It also reminded me of playing the early days of Ultima Online with some friends. There is an incredible amount of work that went into making this huge version of Britannia. Every detail has been thought of from beautiful castletop views overlooking villages to the menacing depths of the deepest dungeons. Thank you so much to Team Lazarus for giving me 60 days (and really late nights) of pure entertainment!

You will need an original version of Dungeon Siege so either dust off your old copy or head over to eBay for an easy $5-$10. It takes a little work to get this running on Windows 7 and or 64-bit systems. There are also a number of MODs to the MOD itself which can further enhance the gameplay. Here are a couple of great places to help get your started.

Official Ultima V Lazarus Page
Infinitrons U5 Lazarus Recommended MODS
http://ultimacodex.com/ – My new favorite site!