Retro Rescue is now your Construx Headquarters!

I recently acquired a large lot of Contrux parts. I searched the internet for hours trying to determine which pieces went with each set. Sadly, I found there was no resource for Construx photographs. To solve this problem, today I launched the Construx Archive! It already has a ton of nice pictures and useful information but I still need help in completing this project. The most important items are Box Covers, Part Inventories and especially Instructions but I’ll take anything I don’t have! Prototype models, Pre-production sketches, and other unique items would be amazing to add.

I’ll wait while you check your attic…

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Aww, buzzard on a buzzsaw!

Attention Hazzard County Residents: There is a new Sheriff in town and his name is Larry! Larry is the operator of The photos shown here are just a few examples of the huge stash of Dukes merchandise he has aquired. If my collection (seen here) is a little bit more than the law allows then his is a fellony. He also has a blog and message board for fellow fans. Heck, even the theme song available at his site. So all you Bo, Luke, & Daisy wannabes go over and check out his great little corner of the internet.

Check out my high score!

Check out this beautiful collection of peanut butter birthday cookies. What a great idea for a design. It took us about a week, help from lots of friends, and several power pellets to get all this chomped. A special thank you to my lovely wife for hand making the Pac-Man brithday card and for knowing just what I like. 🙂 Available at Paradise Bakery.

Mommy, do we have to spend the night at Grandma’s?

This is a quick tribute to an unknown woman and her large doll collection. Special thanks to Luvis and Molly for rescuing these from an abandoned house and for sharing them with us all. Admittedly these photos are kinda creepy and obviously dolls aren’t my thing but I am glad someone took the time to set up her collection and take a picture. Thanks Crazy Doll Lady wherever you are!

More than just lipstick and a bow!

waka waka
Here is another amazing rescue! It’s the Ms. Pac-man Board game from Milton Bradley. As a child I had the Pac-man board game which we played all the time. I had heard of a few other video to board conversions like Donkey Kong and I even recently sold a Pitfall remake. Discovering this little gem was very unexpected. Even better it is 100% complete. Since I often dream of really cool finds (sometimes things that don’t even exist) I had to make sure I was awake even after I had this in my hand. Here are a few pictures of the game itself along with some updated photos of my Pac-Man collection. Special thanks to Lex for taking these shots.

What are these cars?

2 Hot Wheels sized cars that look like they came from the Road Warrior movie. They have spikes and skulls and interchangeable weapons. Mattel 1994 on the bottom but no other markings. I would greatly appreciate it if you can help me figure out what these are.
Update: A visitor to the site let me know they are from a series of toys called “Hot Wheels Road Wars”. Below are a couple of pictures.


What is this Dragon?

This will be the first in a series of posts seeking help in identifying toys. Click on the category “Unknown Toys” to see all the items I need help with. I just picked up this robotic dragon and I have no clue what he is from. It has a sort of Bravestar vibe to it but I think the scale is wrong. Help! _________________________________________